The road to 675 Discovery Drive

Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the first day of the Solid Edge ST4 Global Launch Event, a press release titled Siemens PLM Aims for Solid Edge 'App Ecosystem' was announced.  Why am I so excited about this initiative you might ask?  This is exactly what I've wanted for years now!  Going back to my 'Siemens got it right' comment in a previous post, here is yet another example of Siemens moving in the right direction.  Over the years, I have been a very loud voice on this topic.  My contention is that part of Solid Edge's success depends on 3rd party development.  We need more people developing apps and integrations for Solid Edge.  What does this all mean for Solid Edge customers?  Before I answer that question, let me ask this.  How many times have you had conversations with other application vendors and asked if they had an integration with Solid Edge?  What was the answer you typically got?  How about trying to find useful 3rd party tools for Solid Edge or trying to find a quality Solid Edge programmer to do some customizations for you?  Now, imagine how nice it would be to get the answer that you wanted\needed to hear.  That's what this is about

So how do I fit into all of this you may wonder?  Back in February, Mark Burhop announced that he was changing positions from the Solid Edge Simulation product manager to director of 3rd party ecosystems for Velocity.  He also blogged in May about The Solid Edge Ecosystem Comes To Life.  Behind the scenes, Mark has been very busy talking with existing partners like myself trying to figure out what was needed to make this a successful venture.  One thing that I am certain of, Mark was exhausted after our initial phone conversation.  People that know me know that I am full of opinions and can literally talk Solid Edge programming all day long.  I can only imagine how much work it has been for him gathering and processing all of the input.  Hats off to Mark for taking this problem head on with enthusiasm and a tireless work ethic.

That winded back story leads me down the road to 675 Discovery Drive.  For those that don't know, I'm talking about Solid Edge corporate headquarters.  Yeah baby!  I have waited 11 years to pull into this driveway.  Thanks to Mark for pulling a few strings for me, the day after speaking on the Solid Edge API at the ST4 Event, I had the rare opportunity to visit the home office of Solid Edge.  Quoting Mark's blog, "We had meetings with some of our documentation, development, and GTAC (Support) team members all around developing on top of Solid Edge".  I honestly don't think anyone can truly understand what it meant to me to be there that day.  For the first time, I genuinely felt that I was being heard.  Not because Karsten or Dan told them to, but because they wanted to hear what I had to say.  That single day justified in my mind all of the hard work and dedication that I have put into the Solid Edge community.

Before closing this page, stop and bookmark the Solid Edge and Femap Apps page.  If you are a developer or your company develops 3rd party apps and want to get involved, you too can Join the Partner Program.