Desktop Virtualization, Solid Edge style

Published on Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let me start by asking a question or two.  How often have you wished that you could test a new release of Solid Edge or maintenance pack without risking your production machine?  How about after installing a maintenance pack, a particular function "seems" different but you can't quite remember how it worked in a previous release.  Typically it is not practical or cost effective to have a second machine sitting at your desk collecting dust until you need it for the previously mentioned scenarios.  What if there was a way to test ALL versions of Solid Edge and ALL maintenance packs without needing a second physical machine?

I don't typically bother putting time into recommending products very often but VMWare Workstation is absolutely fantastic.  Coming in at just $189, it is a no brainer for people like me who absolutely need to be able to run and test multiple versions of other software.

The single coolest and most useful feature is Snapshot Manager.  Snapshot Manager is what allows you to install, run and test multiple versions of basically any software.  In my case, I do consulting for a broad range of Solid Edge customers who run almost every version of Solid Edge imaginable.  I am also contracted by Siemens to develop the Solid Edge SDK Help each year for the upcoming release, ST4 in this case. As you can see in the screenshot below, I can easily transition between versions of Solid Edge with a simple click.


Here is what it looks like to run Solid Edge inside of VMWare Workstation.  The left pane displays all of my configured virtual machines.  The tabs show the virtual machines that are running.  You can also enter into full-screen mode and work seamlessly as if it was your physical machine.

Don't be jeallous but don't you wish .