Jason Newell

Hi, my name is Jason Newell. I'm an Applications Architect for Ditch Witch and a Siemens PLM Solutions Partner specializing in Solid Edge automation.

How to use NuGet for Solid Edge custom development

The following video demonstrates how to use NuGet from Visual Studio for Solid Edge custom development. Specifically, it shows how to install and use the Interop.SolidEdge NuGet package and the SolidEdge.Community NuGet package. The SolidEdge.Community.Reader NuGet package is mentioned but not used in the video. These NuGet packages are used frequently in the Samples on GitHub.

Interview with Jason Newell, Solid Edge Developer Community Leader

Siemens community manager, Matt Lombard, interviewed me last week. The interview was about a hour long phone conversation that he transcribed for the article. It was a lot of fun telling my story. Thanks to Matt & Siemens for taking the time to document my accomplishments.

Solid Edge ST7 AddIn EdgeBar in C++